Sure Signs You’ve Found the Perfect Employee

Most people know the bad signs to look for when they are recruiting. Turning up late, saying bad things about previous employers and not being clear in the responses to questions would make you wonder if you really want to work with them. However, people rarely mention the good things to look for, and hopefully, these will let you know you have found the perfect employee for your business.

Produce Scorecards Before Starting Interviews

Interview scorecards can be a great aid in choosing the right new employees, but they must be produced before you get to the interview stage. They should include questions about the key criteria for the position on offer as well as questions relating to their relevant skills, desirable personality traits and previous work experience. The questions should be well thought out and clear, as vague questions will produce vague answers.

They Are Informed

A good candidate will have researched your company before the interview. They will be informed about the products or services you offer and will already know something about the job on offer.

Spending time researching before the interview shows that they can be self-motivated and are genuinely interested in the position. They will also have learned about your company’s culture and its core values.  If they have found out all these things and still attended the interview, you can be fairly certain that they are really like the idea of working for your business.

If they are enthusiastic about the job, this will show when you are talking with them, and the way they discuss your company will be crucial. If they see it in a good light, that is one of the first steps for finding a perfect new employee.

They Are Honest With You

Every candidate who wants to work for your business will have flaws, as they are all human after all. What matters is how honest they are about them, and how they deal with any of their issues. If they have a weakness, you want them to be open about it, as in every other way they may be ideal. It may be that as an employer, you can help them to get over their problem as it could be all that they need is a little on the job training.

The whole point is, knowing their weaknesses means they are self-aware and this is much better than employing someone who has lied to make you think they are perfection.

They Communicate Well

Most jobs involve some communication, whether it is with customers, managers or other workers. If they communicate clearly and concisely in their interview, they are likely to do that in all situations.

This should lead to a flow of conversation throughout the interview, with no awkward moments of silence. If the candidate communicates well that is a big plus in their favour, and is usually a good sign for them fitting in with the existing workers.

At the end of the day, when you interview a prospective employee you will either like them or not, but you do need to look for some of the traits discussed above, just because they are likeable does not mean you should employ them.


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