Public Relations

This is chapter 10 of your Success Story. See your full member PR benefits below.

At our Meetups you will:

  • Learn how to forge links with the media.
  • Grow your business through media PR.
  • Create effective press releases.
  • Sustain fruitful media relationships.

Managing your business public reputation

Public Relations is not only about getting as much exposure through local and national media but more importantly about reputation, what you say and what others say about you. It is planned and ongoing activity to establish and maintain goodwill between a business and the general public.

During October we will be exploring this relationship. You will gain inside information from experts in the media, clever tips and tricks on how to stand out and all you need to know to forge strong, lasting links with your local and national media contacts so you can share your success story effectively.

PR Member Benefit

Members can benefit significantly from the PR that we offer as part of all membership packages. Get your business out there using these fantastic opportunities free for members.

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  • Member spotlight at monthly meetups

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DIY PR this October:
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