Chapter 11 Exhibiting at Women's Business Club

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At our Meetups you will:

  • Maximise business potential through exhibiting.
  • Discover how to grow your business.
  • Build your brand and increase your profit with a strategic exhibiting strategy.

Exhibit with us in December at our Women's Business Conference

Exhibiting Member Benefit

Many businesses exhibit, most pitch up with a banner and sit behind a table hoping for ideal clients to come and buy from them, few get a good ROI. Those who understand that exhibiting is a skill that can be crafted and developed will get a return no matter how good the business show is. Join us as we explore exhibiting in-depth and leave you with a clear strategic plan either as an exhibitor or delegate.

Members can benefit significantly from the exhibiting opportunities that we offer as part of all membership packages. Get your business out there using these fantastic opportunities free for members.

  • Get free exhibitor training every November at your Business Lunch or Tribe Night
  • Members exhibit free at your month meetups
  • Get your exhibitor stand photographed and promoted at your monthly meetups
  • Members get first pick of stands at Women's Business Conference
  • Get your exhibitor stand photographed and promoted at Women's Business Conference

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