Your Success Story

We are delighted to bring our unique Success Story System© to businesswomen across the globe. This innovative 12-month business system is designed to help you breakthrough from where you are into your next level of success! This system will take you on a journey that will see you building your support network, smashing through professional barriers and progressing onto the next level of success. Best of all the Success Story Planner is totally free for members!

We even provide members with a print version of Your Success Planner to help you keep to target each month. RRP £49.99 for non-members.

Monthly Chapters


January - Vision
If you can see it you can have it! In January we help you set your vision. Without a vision, you are unlikely to get to where you want to be. We would love you to join us as we kick start the year with a clear focus at a Women's Business Club near to you.



February - Mindset
Starting a business is often a lot easier than keeping at it year in and year out. How do you keep your passion alive? Either you are new in business and still in that early honeymoon phase of business or you have been going for a while and have lost your passion along the way. Either way, we will help you to learn to love what you do for the long haul in our Mindset month of February.


Work Life Balance

March - Work Life Balance
In March learn to manage all the hats that you wear in life and business. We all juggle a lot so a few juggling lessons wouldn't go amiss would they? Find the balance in your life so you can have it all this March.



April - Confidence
In April you will start to believe in yourself. You may be a very confident woman or have no confidence at all but to be honest we all have room to grow. Be inspired and see what potential still lies untapped within you in April's Believe theme.


Vision Square

May - Back to Basics
Move your business forward by going back!
Get back to the basics, go back to where it all started and get back to the super simple. Businesses grow best when they are nurtured in the right environment and built on a firm foundation. Being organised, well trained and understanding the value of failure are some of the building blocks that create the right foundation for your business. Join us as we get practical about what your business needs to succeed.



June - Giving
In June you will learn about the massive benefits of CSR and start giving back to your community. It's not about giving money to charity, although that is good, it is so much more about aligning your business with a cause for a great good in June's Because We Can month.



July - Sales
In July we work on building your sales pipeline. Every single business owner needs to know how to sell and understand the importance of it. We will help you with your sales technique and show you how much fun sales can be in our Sales Month.



August - Networking
In August we will grow your network. Nine times out of ten it is who you know not what you know. You can learn the what from the who anyway. Join us as we Connect Your World this August. No one builds a great business alone. Join us in August as we help you begin the exciting journey of connecting your world!


Social Media

September - Social Media
Do you find that you spend a lot of time on your social media channels but never seem to get significant results? Have you lost a lot of money on advertising? Social media is a powerful tool that can even be completely free if you know how to use it correctly. In fact, you can even have FUN running your social media sites!


Public Relations

October - Public Relations
Managing your business public reputation
Public Relations is not only about getting as much exposure through local and national media but more importantly about reputation, what you say and what others say about you. During October we will be exploring this relationship, how it mutually benefits business owners and the media as well as how to make yourself known to media contacts.



November - Exhibiting
Maximise business potential through exhibiting. Discover how to grow your business, build your brand and increase your profit with a strategic exhibiting strategy.


Maximise Conference & Awards

December - Awards
In December we celebrate your Success Story with our annual conference & awards. Let's take a look at how you can benefit from entering and even winning awards. It's so much more than you think...