Struggling To Motivate Your Staff?

If you want your staff to work hard and efficiently, you need to keep them motivated. If you’re staff aren’t motivated, they’ll begin to slack and you’ll start to lose their respect. Here are just a few tricks to keep your staff engaged and encourage them to work their hardest.

Introduce incentives that your staff want

Incentives are a common way to keep staff spurred on, but you need to be certain that you’re offering the right types of incentives. The carrot-and-stick style of incentive isn’t as effective nowadays – this involves setting targets and rewards. Instead, many of today’s employees want permanent incentives that improve one’s quality of life – this could include discounts on local services such as cinema tickets or gym memberships, a company car or flexible working hours. Many millennial employees are also spurred on by philanthropic goals such as raising a certain amount of money for charity or saving energy. You can even ask your staff individually what motivated them to get an idea of the types of incentives you should implement.

Praise your employees

Praise can be a simple way of motivating staff by letting them know that their work is appreciated. You shouldn’t praise your employees at every given instance, however when your employees do go above and beyond, you should let them know about it. On top of providing one-on-one praise, offer praise in front of their colleagues to set an example. You can also praise your employees in front of customers to help instil customer trust.

Get to know your employees

You don’t have to become friends with your employees, how it does benefit to get to know them on a personal level. Not only will your staff feel more valued as people but they’ll also have more trust and respect for you, which could motivate them to work harder.

Take a course in motivational speaking

Getting your staff to rally behind you has a lot to do with your use of emotional language. Taking a course in motivational speaking run by a motivational speaker could help you to learn how to use this language to get staff fired up. You can find information on such courses online. It could even be worth simply attending a conference or seminar on the subject.

Have fun at work

There are times when you need to be serious in the workplace, but few workplaces require you to be serious all the time. By allowing employees to have fun, you could make your workplace a much more exciting environment. Having fun could involve playing games and encouraging jokes. You could also allow employees to play music or display office toys on their desks. It’s also possible to socialise together by either all eating out together for lunch or having drinks after work. Just be careful of planning too many out-of-hours activities as some staff members may still want to separate work and leisure time.


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