Is stress and ‘burn out’ getting the better of you?

With intrusive technology such as social media, an ever increasing ‘to do’ list, and trying to juggle family life with work it’s no wonder many of us feel so close to the edge. We just about make it to the end of the day and can’t wait for bed, but as soon as our heads hit the pillow, thought after thought prevents us from catching much needed sleep.

A forgotten technique that has been used for thousands of years if not longer has made a popular come back of late and is needed more than ever in this modern world we live in. Mindfulness. This is a technique that has been completely swept aside by our need for fast progress.

But what if I told you that you can actually increase your productivity, effectiveness and inspiration whilst significantly reducing stress and anxiety through the use of mindfulness? Sounds unbelievable right? Well it’s been scientifically proven to do just that and more.

“There is a time and a place for planning, problem solving and learning and that is not every waking minute.”  Tweet This!

What is mindfulness and why?

Mindfulness is a focus on the present moment. It is also sometimes referred to as ‘presence’ or ‘awareness’. It is a form of meditation but not always in the traditional sense of the word. A simple way to put this into practice is to give whatever you are doing your full attention. So for instance when you brush your teeth you should keep your mind on the job at hand and not on what time it is, what you’re going to make for dinner or indeed replaying the argument you had with your sister the day before.

Research has shown that our brain tires like a muscle. Scientists have found that mental exercise can bring about fatigue just as physical exercise does. We all knew this to a certain extent anyway as many of us lead sedentary lives at a desk with little physical exercise but come home feeling utterly exhausted. It’s important to remember that our brain is a tool. Just as legs are used to get from one place to another if we were to use them all day we’d be exhausted and the same goes for our brains. We need to give them a break regularly so they have time to recover and become stronger. There is a time and a place for planning, problem solving and learning and that is not every waking minute.

Your thoughts create physical response. For instance, a negative thought such replaying an argument will invoke anger, that will in turn raise your blood pressure and heart rate which if felt often enough for prolonged periods will lead to severe health problems.

You may have questions such as… How do I gain control over my thoughts and emotion? How do I focus on what needs to be done without distraction? How do I get to sleep at night? These questions and many more are answered in our luxury retreats and courses.

Here at The Spirit Sanctuary we specialise in reducing stress and anxiety to bring back calm and balance to lives of busy, hard working women. We run luxury retreats so you can put aside your life for a couple of days to renew and find yourself again while your every need is looked after. Gain knowledge and timeless techniques to prevent stress so that you can continue your journey to a more balanced way of living.

Jennifer Hall

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