Woman in STEM

Here at gethynellis.com we help clients improve their SQL Servers through security health checks, performance tuning and design & migration services. We are proudly sponsoring this year's Woman in STEM award.


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• Support Personnel Selection and Assessment processes

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The Award

The Women in STEM recognises the outstanding contributions of woman in STEM - Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. Our nominee may have made her own discoveries or inventions, be a teacher in this field, or may be a businesswoman working in the sector. From apprentice to rocket scientist, our woman in STEM should be applauded. Women, go boldly forward into a sector that is still largely under-represented.

The Nominees

Vote for your favourite woman in STEM, book your tickets to the conference or share with someone who may be interested. 

2019 Winners - 2020 nominees to be announced soon, voting will open in October.

  1. Angela Fumpson
  2. Caron Axford
  3. Georgina Green
  4. Julie Plumb
  5. Lara Barnes
  6. Sally Hodgson

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