Speaker Award

Bev Hepting, The Message Maestor, is an award-winning public speaker and NLP Master Practitioner who is proudly sponsoring this year's Speaker of the Year.


Bev Hepting is an engaging, funny and thought-provoking speaker. With years of experience on the stage and teaching, she understands the impact a good speech and a good story can have on an audience. An award-winning public speaker, Bev has won many speaking competitions.

With an understanding of how people misunderstand the messages that they receive through their life, Her NLP helps her to change the mindset in her clients. Taking them from living in the world of the messages they have received, to building a business that they have created with the good thought diet.

Getting people to ditch the bad thought diet to something much more healthy is Bev’s passion in life, taking women from terrified to triumphant so they can speak in public with confidence.

Find out more at www.bevhepting.com

The Award

The Speaker of the Year award is suitable for any businesswoman who has used his or her voice to share their expertise through speaking at one of our Women's Business Club meetups. We use this opportunity to recognise and celebrate the best speakers who have demonstrated public speaking excellence and professionalism in addition to making a valuable contribution to Women's Business Club.

The Nominees

Vote for your favourite businesswoman , book your tickets to the conference or share with someone who may be interested.

2019 Winners - 2020 nominees to be announced soon, voting will open in October.

  1. Charlotte Greenman
  2. Faith Ruto
  3. Inge Dowden
  4. Sheila Pryce Brooks
  5. Shola Kaye
  6. Shona Hirons

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