Sophie Cameron Davies – The Young, Up and Coming Designer from Bristol

The Sophie Cameron Davies brand was founded to create garments empowering women to feel feminine, confident and sensual in their everyday life. The British brand specialises in silk shirts, allowing beautiful and delicate fabrics to become an essential in the wardrobe of the cosmopolitan woman.

Tell us about your business?

My business is a ready to wear Women’s label, which I started two years ago but officially launched in Autumn/Winter 2015 at London Fashion Week. The concept behind the brand is to offer garments that empower women to feel feminine and elegant, which is done through the intricate lace placement on my designs. I use silk and lace to create very delicate garments with different amounts of lace on varying designs.

We offer something different that is aimed at the cosmopolitan woman through shirt designs. We present something that women can wear throughout the day but can also transition to evening wear, for example if they go for after work drinks.

What did you do before you went into this business?

I studied fashion design at Southampton University and I did a few work experience placements with channel 4 casting companies and a lingerie company. I was then the assistant designer for them for three years, which is where my love for lace and silk really blossomed.

How did you become so passionate about fashion?

Literally since I had my first textiles lesson at school when I was about 14! I have always been very creative, I always found my talents in art and I have just loved fashion. Since that point I have worked towards it, by studying whilst also gaining real experience, so I am now obsessed with it!

What is your favourite fabric to work with and why?

I couldn’t choose between silk or lace, you can’t use one without the other really, I wouldn’t design a garment made completely from lace for example. I like high quality and that shows through my choice of fabrics. With the silk and the lace, finding new suppliers and new ways that the fabrics can be woven, especially with such beautiful fabrics, is really important. Also, it depends on where it’s made e.g French or Italian lace, can be completely different both the colours and the patterns in it are amazing so, actually, maybe lace is my favourite.

What did you dream of doing when you were a child?

I really don’t know, I was always creative and always wanted to do my own thing. My Father owns his own company so I have always had that to look up to in terms of running my own brand!

“The path that you originally thought you were going to go down isn’t always where you end up, I’ve learnt that along the way.”  Tweet This!

What do you do to relax, away from your business?

I have got a very cute Boxer dog, she’s just over a year old and she’s really cute. So having a puppy dog, for this last year has been really entertaining! She’s been a bit naughty but generally well behaved, we go for lots of walks. I also enjoy horse riding. I’m quite a countryside girl at heart!

Tell us about one of your favourite personal moments?

Probably when I started my label and I started getting really cool press, so locally I was in the Somerset Life magazine and it was really amazing to go into a shop and buy a magazine that actually had one of my images in! Then last month a celebrity in Hollywood who starred in the Batman Vs Superman movie wore one of my shirts to an event. That was really exciting to see my brand actually out there, on real people and real women! Yeah, really exciting!

Tell us about your greatest failures on your journey so far?

I just think as a startup company, it’s so so difficult. You just have to keep at it and accept that there is going to be rejection along the way but you just have to keep going and just explore as many different paths as you can. The path that you originally thought you were going to go down isn’t always where you end up, I’ve learnt that along the way.

Obviously, you’re very successful at a younger age, how do you feel about this?

When I came to the end of my last job, I didn’t want to have to go and work for somebody else for a couple more years to gain some experience, I wanted to do it on my own. I think, by being younger and not having a whole family to support and being much more independent, I could really take the plunge, so it was the perfect timing for me.

What are your dreams for the future of your business?

Just to carry on growing. I’m really concentrating on being stocked internationally in different boutiques, getting brand awareness and hopefully more successful celebrities wearing the brand. I would like it to be known as a really high quality, luxurious brand that women want to buy and come back to season after season. That would be the dream.

Sophie Cameron Davies

Written & Photographed by Olivia Fox

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