So You’re Moving Up The High-Rise Ladder…

What does working in a high-rise building say about a business, without using any words? Well, immediately it gives the impression that you are successful, that you are part of a booming economy and industry. Automatically there is an air of importance and quite clearly a showing of success. For employees, they can be proud that they work in a building that has a great view of the city, but also where many other businesses that are top dogs in their respective sectors work too. For the consumer, they have more trust in a business that has a slightly more corporate image. And as for you the boss, you can take pride in the fact that you have worked so hard that you can now enjoy a brilliant central location, and be involved in the industry and economy on a higher level; pun intended. That’s what an office in a high-rise says about your business without uttering a single word. But how should you move into your new professional residence?



The issue of decor

One of the biggest things that separates businesses from each other is how their office looks and feels. There has to be some kind of corporate consistency in your overall message to the outside world, and the environment that your employees work in. This can manifest itself in specific choices of decor. For example a bank that wishes to remain professional and exert a subtle image to their employees and customers, will go with black leather sofas in their office. If this is something you would like to do in your own office, then it’s best to wait until you have properly moved in before you order any decor of such kind. Measure the space that you have and remember that the decor will need to be moved in carefully using professionals.

The mass of equipment

The erroneous way of going about physically moving into your new office is doing it entirely by yourself. There’s no telling how much equipment could get damaged moving from one office to another. This is why businesses use companies like Grange Removals that know how to handle office moves specifically. For example, they know how to pack and protect hard drives, computers, keyboards, wires, chairs and desks to name a few. You can avoid all that heavy lifting and worrying by hiring such a service not to mention, saving a lot of time in the process. The quicker you can settle down in your office the faster you can get back to work.



Inform and invite

When you have settled down into your high-rise office, you would do well to inform all your customers and clients where you’re now based. You will have told them before but now you can make it official. Send out email newsletters to customers telling them about the move and invite clients down to have a more formal meeting and greeting party.

High-rise commercial offices are a great space to work for any business. They offer tremendous views but they also carry with them, a mark of success and power that you should subtly use to your advantage.

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