Six Reasons To Advertise Your Fitness Products In Gyms

If you run a business that sells activewear, gym gear or performance products, finding your customers to target them with advertising can be difficult. Health and wellness products should be targeted at people looking after their health and keeping active. To reach these fit people, go to where they are. The gym. There are lots of benefits of advertising in fitness centres.


Photo by Danielle Cerullo on Unsplash

Display screens on electronic hand sanitizers in gyms are becoming a very popular method of advertising to effectively reach lots of consumers.

  1. This kind of advertising is an effective way to communicate. A consumer will make prolonged, direct eye contact with your advert as they’re using the device. You’ll have longer to get your message across and promote your services to an ideal customer. 
  2. Most gym users use the same gym on a regular basis.This means you’re going to be showing your advert a lot to the same group of people. Their awareness of your brand will be high, keeping you in front of their minds. Next time they want a new pair of gym leggings, a protein shake or a fitness tracking watch, your company will be fresh in their memory, making them more likely to shop with you. They’ll recognise your products in stores too and be more likely to choose them from amongst the others. 
  3. If you create an interesting, striking marketing campaign, your adverts will catch the attention of captive market. While working out, people’s attention can wander and they’re likely to find themselves staring at your advert fairly often, which makes a lasting impression. Create a memorable ad, and it’ll stay with them. 
  4. Within the gym, it’s easy to place adverts in places where people tend to gather and linger for a prolonged period of time. Get advertising places next to water coolers, or in areas where people wait to use the weight racks. Position them where they can be seen by those running on treadmills too. When exercising, endorphins are released into the brain, making people more relaxed and receptive to your messaging. This means, they’ll engage with your adverts without even realising it. 
  5. By advertising in the gym, you’re easily reaching the right target audience for your health and fitness products. Anyone going to the gym is aiming to improve their fitness or their health and if you’re selling a product that could help with that, chances are that gym goers are a good audience for you to target with your advertising. The gym is a ready made venue to speak to the perfect people to tell about your products. 
  6. Exercise improves your memory, and visual information is easier to process. Showing someone an advert while they’re working out is a great way to make sure they take in and remember your advertising. Your ad is automatically more memorable than an advert they saw in a magazine. 


Advertising in gyms makes perfect sense for an active business, by helping you reach the right audience for your product easily and make sure those people remember you, and convert into customers. 


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