Six Branding Blunders That Can Harm Your Business

Branding a business is about so much more than choosing the right name and designing a great logo. It means that you’ve created an image and personality for your company. Building up a brand that people trust and respect is a difficult and time-consuming job. Unfortunately, it’s also one that can come undone in an instant. In the fast-paced world of business, just one small mistake can be catastrophic. With that in mind, here are six major branding blunders to avoid.

  1. Over-Promoting Your Business

While part of growing a brand is telling people about it and what it can do, you should avoid shoving it in people’s faces. After all, you wouldn’t enjoy it if someone came to you only to explain why they’re so great. Instead of telling customers what you can do, or worse still, slating another brand, you should just show them. When they see the benefits, they’ll do the promoting for you.

  1. Delivering Less Than Promised

Nothing is more frustrating to a consumer than a brand not delivering on the promises that they have made. If you’ve built your company around specific guarantees, then you need to ensure that you make good on them every time. Just to be safe, you should promise a little bit less than what you expect to deliver. This way, customers will always be pleasantly surprised with you.

  1. Ignoring Negative Customer Feedback

Reading negative reviews isn’t easy, but that isn’t an excuse to ignore them. In fact, if you want to build a more successful and trusted brand, then you should get into the habit of asking for feedback. This means learning how to implement Net Promoter Score. Once you know what customers think of you and why, you can make improvements and become even better.

  1. Offering Poor Customer Support

Although you surely do your best to offer an exemplary service or product, there are always going to be customers that have a problem with it. Whether this issue is your fault or not, you should do everything that you can to help by offering excellent customer service. This should include several ways to contact you, as well as self-help options, like a FAQs page on your site.

  1. Jumping On Every Trend

A successful brand is one that keeps up with the times and remains current. However, that doesn’t mean that you need to jump on every trend that pops up. The last thing that you want to do is get lost in a short-lived fad, after all. While some trends are sure to be relevant to your business, you should avoid forcing your brand to become something that it isn’t.

  1. Taking Yourself Too Seriously

Confidence and professionalism are vital in the business world, but there’s no denying that it can sometimes put people off. If you appear too boring or stiff to consumers, then you’ll struggle to stand out against the competition. For this reason, you should stop taking yourself too seriously and have a little fun now and then. Just make sure that this humor won’t offend your audience.

Building a brand is a long and challenging process, so don’t throw all of your work away by making a mistake like those listed above.

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