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Women's Business Club - Power Hour

I left employment and decided to set up my own business without the first clue how to do it. Why would I, I'd worked for someone else from the moment I was employable.

I quickly realised there was more to it than simply changing my 'status' and expecting the clients to come. I had to wear all the hats; marketing, sales, customer service and CEO and I had to do this whilst still learning and being a Mum.

I reverted to my previous project management skills and created an approach that would allow me to perform all the roles I needed to and start getting some results. It was the development, and, more importantly, the application of this model that ensured I went from Faffing to Fully Booked.

Building a profitable business on your own does not have to be complicated or overwhelming, by understanding how to apply my S.T.A.R. model you can step into the CEO, attract the clients you desire and still have fun in your business!

I'm going to take you through the Strategies you need without it sounding scary! The Tools that can save you time and help you to scale. The Actions you should be focusing on in order to get the Results you are craving. I'll leave you with practical and actionable steps that you can apply now so that you can start to move away from the Faff and towards the Fully Booked.

In this masterclass you will learn

  • To understand how to develop an easy to follow financial strategy
  • What technology tools can help you recover time
  • What to prioritise to start attracting clients quickly

Join us for a Power Hour with Sara

 28th May 2021 at 12:00 FREE for members, £10 + vat for non-members

Your Speaker - Sara Wisniewski

Sara Wisniewski (BA Hons in HR) is a Business and Mindset Coach for aspiring coaches and therapists who want to attract enough clients to be fully booked, and do it with ease and grace.

She left 20 years of corporate life in relationship management to establish a successful coaching business supporting clients around the world to achieve their dreams through one to one and group coaching. Being a business building Mum herself, she is an expert in effective time management, as well as balancing practical strategies with mindset and self development.

She’s helped her clients win their first clients within days, develop attraction strategies that they love so they can show up feeling confident and uninhibited. Many of her clients have moved from hustling the odd client to having a waiting list.

She developed the S.T.A.R. model and supports her clients to apply it in their business growth by teaching the Strategies and Tools a successful business has in place as well as the Actions to take to get the Results they desire. She lives with her 2 sons and 2 spaniels in Warwickshire, UK.

Join us for a Power Hour with Sara

 28th May 2021 at 12:00 FREE for members, £10 + vat for non-members

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