Should You Recruit from Within or Look to External Executive Recruiters?

Recruitment is never an easy task, and most companies face considerable difficulties dealing with it. There are two schools of thought with recruitment – promote from within, and recruit externally. Each have their pros and cons. In this article, we’ll explore which make sense depending on what you’re trying to achieve and how soon.

Is Recruiting from Within a Sound Policy?

From an employee retention and motivational standpoint, internal promotions to fill open positions are beneficial in encouraging employees to work towards potential future advancement. It encourages better performance for people motivated to achieve – those seeking greater status or a higher salary.

The process with internal promotions is most often one that’s slower for senior roles than when recruiting from outside the company. Also, a lot of times it’s necessary to make the position open to applicants who don’t yet work for the company too.

The tricky thing with promotions is the development of each employee. The more senior the position, the more difficult it is to find a current employee who’s capable of filling the role. They may be trainable with short courses, or by the company funding a degree course, but that all takes time.

Is Executive Recruitment the Answer?

For senior and leadership positions within the company, an executive recruiter provides access to high caliber people with relevant industry experience. They usually will have worked in a similar culture before and can fit into an existing team more easily.

When there’s a gap between what’s needed and the current capabilities of people on the team, then the company faces a dilemma. When an open position needs filling, using an executive recruiter makes good sense. A company like Recruiterie who are executive recruiters out in Phoenix are worth looking into, as they have access to many of the talented people in their region, is careful to clearly understand the needs of each client first, and then looks to find the perfect match. The thoughtful approach to recruitment is much more efficient than trying to find talented people without the right connections.

Finding the Right Balance

Companies that go outside to fill senior positions leaving no avenues for employees to advance face a morale and staff retention problem. Whether that’s happening now or later, eventually staff will feel that they have no way to grow with the company and improve their careers before it’s too late to do so.

Therefore, it’s necessary for companies to find the right balance between when to go outside the company to fill a position and when to actively develop a team for new roles through training. It’s a fine balance, and not an easy one at that. Yet, it’s necessary for businesses to thread the needle on this issue, otherwise they risk having a demotivated workforce where some people just never leave, and others don’t stay long with a continual rotation of new faces to fill their roles.

It’s clear that there’s a place both for internal promotion and using external executive recruitment to fill the most senior positions. This provides greater flexibility for companies wanting to recruit and retain the best talent in the company and not lose them to their peers.

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