How to Set Yourself Up for Success… Without Burning out

When it’s time for an up level in your business, it’s also time for an up level in your Self-Care. Stronger boundaries. More relaxation. MORE (not less!) time off.

Gandhi said: ‘I have so much to accomplish today that I must meditate for two hours instead of one’

That guy was onto something…

The world of entrepreneurs at the moment is very full with people talking about stepping up. ‘Take your business to the next level!’ ‘10x your productivity!’ ‘’Be the Best You!’ But behind the scenes (and their laptops) there are a lot of self-employed people reaching critical levels of exhaustion.

I wonder…

Is trying to be ‘better’ a mountain we’ll never see the top of? Is trying to be the ‘best you’ a competition we’ll never win? A comparison with an imaginary version of ourselves, perfectly positioned to beat ourselves up with? Clever marketing tapping into our ‘not good enough’ beliefs? I speak to self-employed people every day who are exhausted from trying to keep up with the perfect picture they’ve crafted on social media. Exhausted and knowing they have so much more to share.

Are you tired of spending all day pretending to be something you’re not? Tired of feeling like you’ve got to just..keep…going? And, driven by a really honest desire to create change in the world?

Before you think about stepping up, consider stepping in…

People buy from people they trust, and we can’t trust someone unless we can feel them, connect with them on some level. It’s an energetic and emotional thing. So if you are closed off, trying to prove you know it all, you may actually be turning away your ideal customers.

Three ways to step up without burning out

  1. Take the Shoulds awaaaay from the steering wheel. You know when you’re all lit up and you’re attracting opportunities like crazy and everything is flowing? Shoulds are the opposite of that. They stop the flow, get you confused, tied in knots and wasting time and they dampen down your passion and your light. Shoulds can be sneaky and show up as ‘good’ thoughts like ‘I don’t want to let people down’… but you’ll recognise them by the way they feel in your body- heavy, dull, draining. And remember – doing what’s in your Highest Good is always (though it might not look, seem or feel like it at the time) for others Highest Good too. When it comes to business, you can have the most fancypants biz model in the world and be following all the rules, but if your energy isn’t aligned with it, it won’t work.  What you’ll be putting out in the world, maybe even spending lots of money to put out into the world, is heavy, dull, draining energy. And that’s not attractive. So – what are you planning in your business model or marketing that makes you feel heavy, dull, drained? Either… there’s something in your energy field that’s in the way that you need to clear first to be able to move forward easefully. Or, it’s the wrong tactic for you. Cross it off!
  2. Spend more time not knowing. Like a child – be curious. Create space, in your head and in your diary. From that space, you just might find the idea that’s been waiting for you to listen.
  3. Speak your Truth. Self Expression is one of the greatest and more free-ing forms of Self-Care… and it’s a great marketing tool too! Have you noticed how much energy it takes to NOT say what you’re thinking? To hold back your truth, in case you offend? Honestly, how much time a day do you spend worrying about what other people think… and you know you have no control over that right! The thing is, when you put your energy first – after all, you are your best asset – and dare to speak your truth, that’s when everything flows.

Kate is the founder and creator of Message Magic and The Beacons Sisterhood. She has been dubbed the Message-Midwife by grateful clients who benefit from the combination of her fun, insightful and creative approach to exploring their true talents AND her ability to craft vague ideas into messages that sell through her vast understanding of effective communication. She brings 13 years of experience in the theatre and Creative Education – directing, writing, messaging into stories that connect – from both the performing and teaching – to transform bland page and the stage. If you know your work is about more than just making money – if it’s about starting a movement, lighting a way for a new world, taking a stand for something bigger than yourself – Kate Wolf will support you to own your gifts, free your voice and craft your message – so that those who need you, find you.

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