Savvy Social Media

SOCIAL MEDIA, used correctly, can be the most powerful tool for business growth.  Too many business owners are aware of this fact but don’t invest their time in money in proper training to utilise this phenomenal tool.  Social media used badly will damage a business as much as social media used correctly will grow it.  It’s not rocket science and once you are comfortable using social media you could quite enjoy it. Before you disregard this entirely, take a look at how many people you could reach using social media:   

WebsiteDescriptionEstimated Users 2016
Facebook       Online Community1.15 billion
YouTubeVideo Sharing1 billion
TwitterMicro Blogging200 million
LinkedInProfessional Networking    220 million
BloggerWeb Log135 million


Social Networking Statistics :
70% of the internet population use social media
36% of people have posted feedback about a brand on social media
60% of people are willing to give business feedback social media
44% of customers want to participate in the co-creation of products
79% of customers have passed on a negative business experience
82% of customers will stop business with a company due to these negative experiences
15% of social media users have been contacted by a business after posting a negative experience

Advantages of Social Networking
•    No Cost
•    Instant access to billions of people
•    Sharing of news and updates
•    Points traffic to your website
•    Quick and easy

Disadvantages of Social Networking
•    Time waster and potential distraction
•    Can replace ‘real’ relationships
•    Reputation can quickly be damaged
•    Health and eyesight can severely deteriorate

Guidelines for Social Networking

Have a Clear Purpose
Decide what you want to use social media for and then stick to the plan.  Write down a clear purpose and have it visible when going online.  After every session, ask yourself, “What did I accomplish while using social media today and was it inline with my purpose?”

TIP: Create a profile on all social media sites, add a photo and fill in the ‘About’ section with relevant and intentional info.  Everything you write on your sites must remain in line with your purpose.  Always include a link to your website, other sites, etc. 

Have a Clear Time Frame 
Set a predetermined time for how long you intend to spend on social media and then achieve what you need to within that time limit.  Disable chat facilities or have intentional times where you enable chat with a clear time frame of how long you use chat to build your business.

TIP: Update your status daily around 3pm on weekdays and if you want to post twice a day update at 11am or at 8pm in addition to your 3pm update.  Outside of these times have significantly less hits.  Take a break from 3pm Friday until 11am Monday – it will bear little results and you need some offline time too.

Have a Target Audience
Decide beforehand who you need to connect with and stick to adding these contacts only.  Avoid searching for old friends for the sake of it – they will take up all your time and bear no fruit.  Be strategic and intentional, see who is following people doing similar work to you and connect with them too.

TIP: Don’t feel guilty for blocking people or not accepting a friend requests, knowing who not to connect with is as important as knowing who you should be connecting with.  Some people will do more damage than good to your business and once a good reputation is lost it is very difficult to win it back.

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