Save Money On Energy Bills To Save Money For Your Business

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Keeping a lid on your business expenses is a task nobody relishes. It’s a bit like trying to close a suitcase that’s crammed to the brim full of clothes. There’s an endless struggle, and it looks like you might close it, but the final inch just won’t budge. People tell you to take stuff out, but you feel like all of it is essential. 

It’s a similar struggle with your business expenses. What can you conceivably afford to cut without harming your business at the same time? Reduce marketing spend, and you may decrease sales. You can’t cut employee wages as this can lead to disgruntlement and people quitting their jobs. There are many examples of cases where you can inhibit spending but at a potentially greater cost to the business. 

Apart from your energy bills. 

Businesses need to pay energy bills just like regular people. If you save money here, then you can reduce some of your business expenses without harming the company. It sounds so simple, but it often gets overlooked. Here are a few tips to help you get started:

Fix or replace old equipment

Whatever you use for energy production in your business, check to see how old it is. Old boilers or heating tanks become wildly inefficient, meaning you spend more money needlessly every month. Repairing any issues restores them to former glory, or a complete replacement may be necessary. Sure a boiler or oil tank replacement costs money, but it’s worth it in the long run as you reduce your ongoing expenses. View it as an investment, and a smart one at that.

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Limit the devices you have plugged into the mains

Electricity also counts towards your energy bill, and this is where you will have a really high monthly payment. Businesses need a lot of electricity to power loads of devices. So, put a stop to this by limiting the devices plugged into the mains. Use laptops instead of desktop computers as they can be used without being plugged in. Simple switches like this mean a business could go from powering 50 computers all day long to only powering 50 laptops intermittently for an hour or so while they charge. 

Use a smart thermostat

A smart thermostat can help you keep track of your energy usage throughout your business premises. Some reports suggest that can save up to 37% on energy bills all-year-round. But, those figures are for domestic customers. In your business, you may have greater energy demands, which means you could save even more money. Again, it seems counterintuitive as they cost a bit of money. But, this is another investment that has incredible long-term gains. You’ve heard the saying ‘you need to spend money to make money’, well, sometimes you need to spend money to save money. 

These three ideas are a great way to start cutting your energy costs. As you can see, none of them will negatively impact business operations at all. You save money in the long run, which can lower your expenses without harming your revenue.

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