Woman in Sales and Retail

Sandler Training West of England helps successful clients optimise their Sales and Sales Management initiatives and is proudly sponsoring this year's Woman in Sales and Retail.

Helping companies who want profitable growth yet can be frustrated by a lack of sales process. Typically organisations enjoy dealing with their existing clients but express concerns as to where their new clients will come from. A very common Management headache is the lack of prospecting sales enablers achieve - often a technical problem but more-so a conceptual problem.

If you need an organisation to work with you as your Trusted Partner then talk to us. We work with business owners and CEO's to understand why planned sales growth often presents a plethora of headaches and frustrations. We challenge Strategy & Structure and then implement processes and systems to achieve goals. Sandler techniques and methodology have demonstrable success with the B2B / B2C & B2B2C sectors.

Talk to us or 'Crash a Class' to evaluate why we achieve Success globally.

Find out more at www.brunel.sandler.com

The Award

The Woman in Sales and Retail Award is to shine the spotlight on role models and inspiring more women to consider a career in retail and sales. Your nominee is passionate about what she does and is a real example to others. She operates with integrity and gets the job done to the highest standard. She stands head and shoulders above the rest and deserves this award!

The Nominees

Vote for your favourite woman in sales and retail, book your tickets to the conference or share with someone who may be interested.

2019 Winners - 2020 nominees to be announced soon, voting will open in October.

  1. Aleksandra Wells
  2. Chloe Dignam
  3. Emma Kersey
  4. Jackie Maguire
  5. Jade Lisseman
  6. Sarah Jordan



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