Running Your Own Tight Ship Behind The Scenes

What goes on behind the scenes in many industries is actually where the most consistent work is done. You won’t look at any business in the media the same ever again once you get a taste for the various hidden tasks you need to do for your own business. Administrative tasks are often seen as those that are the most boring, the tasks that don’t get your mind working and thinking. If you hold this view then you couldn’t be more wrong. Business administration is actually where the guardians of the business world operate. They are the ones who make sure the organization is meeting its internal goals, sticking to procedures, overseeing and making sure the budgets are properly adhered to, negotiating contracts as well as approving business deals and also do the difficult task of helping to decide on future department heads and middle management. They are the guardians of the business if you will. They make sure everything is in good working order. Here’s how you can begin playing this role in your own business.

The monthly audit

Since most small businesses will face turmoil and even collapse in the first two to three years, life moves at you fast. As a small business owner, you should not be looking to adhere to the usual time schedule that larger businesses stick to. Don’t do annual financial audits, do monthly audits instead. Performing a financial audit to your own business isn’t as hard as it seems. You’re simply checking over your accounts, making sure you’re not spending more than the budget you set out, sticking within the parameters of your profit to loss margins and also, making sure you’re correctly auditing your taxes you pay as a business. This should be done monthly so you can keep a good grasp of your finances. The first time is always the hardest but as you go on, it gets easier and quicker to do.


Everyone up to speed?

Large businesses will ask their admin teams to make sure every employee is up to speed with the current standards. This means making sure that employees are properly trained on new software, they know the changing landscape of health and safety standards, they are taking care with quality assurance of their work and generally, fighting fit. You can do so for your own employees by keeping records of who is and isn’t trained on the latest software. Maybe someone keeps making the same mistake over and over, here is where you can call them in to talk about how you can improve it. Take the time to look at Northeastern University Online where they show the importance of business administration when it comes to both employee and product management. There will be 8 in-demand concentrations of administrative understanding which will be applicable in small and large business. 

Don’t turn away from the complex nature of business administration, as it is going to keep your business functioning from behind the scenes. Performing a monthly financial audit is very useful to learn the importance of this practice. 


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