Returning to Work after Having a Baby: A Guide

Many parents feel worried about leaving their child and going back to work after having a baby. However, returning to work after maternity leave is a necessity for many couples. While a return to work may seem intimidating, there are plenty of ways to make the transition as smooth and stress-free as possible. Here is a useful guide on returning to work after having a baby.

1. Find reliable childcare

Before you return to work, you must consider your childcare options carefully. If you have family members or friends nearby, then ask them if they would mind watching your baby for a couple of days a week. Most people are more than happy to help so don’t be afraid to ask. Leaving your baby in the care of someone you know will give you peace of mind and will also save you significant amounts on childcare costs. If you don’t have the option to leave your baby with a family member or friend, then research childcare options in your local area. Parents often find it difficult to leave their baby with a new person, but you can make this easier by building trust with your childcare provider. Ask other parents for recommendations of quality nannies or childminders in your area or look online for advice.

2. Consider making a claim

Most pregnancies and births go smoothly, but unfortunately, mistakes do happen on occasion. If you have been injured during pregnancy or labor, then you may worry about the financial consequences of a delayed return to work or being unable to return to work on a full-time basis. If you have sustained injury or losses as a result of the action of a medical professional, then you have a right to claim compensation. Some common examples of birth-related medical malpractice include failing to control excessive blood loss post-delivery or failure to diagnose conditions such as preeclampsia. If you would like more information on the process of claiming medical malpractice, then visit for further guidance.

3. Request flexible working hours

Employers want their staff to be happy and motivated, so they are typically willing to be flexible when it comes to things like work schedules and working hours. If you would benefit from flexible working hours or reduced hours when you return to work, then make sure you speak with your manager to try and negotiate new terms. You may be surprised at just how supportive and accommodating your employer is willing to be.

4. Be patient with yourself

Returning to work after having a baby is never easy and it may take you a few weeks to get back into your usual routine. Make sure you give yourself time to catch up on anything you’ve missed and try not to schedule any important meetings or deadlines in the first few weeks. Remember that your work performance may not be the same when you first return to work. Try not to be too hard on yourself and give yourself time to get back into the swing of things.

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