Reignite Your Passion -Move your business forward by going back! Wimbledon Business Club

‘Reflection and review are key to business success. Now is a great time to do both’.Dr Yvette Ankrah MBE

This month we met to focus on getting Back to Basics, an opportunity to step back and look deeply at what we do, why we do it and reigniting our passion for it.

Dr Ankrah a transformational coach, working with high achieving women in business, delivered an insightful talk at our Wimbledon Business Club, which gave us all an opportunity to really explore and acknowledge how we are currently feeling. Explaining how taking time to assess our situation right now, would help us reconnect to our original purpose and see where we wanted to take things in the future. Would our clients/customers still be the same and want the same service or would we need to adapt, remaining true still to ourselves and our why?

Taking the time now to step back, and look at the basics will help us to move forward. By ‘getting our house in order’ decluttering your mind and improving your productivity. Reviewing our business goals and plans, are we still connected to them? What has distracted us from our original direction? Is there anything we need to keep or change to get back on plan and reach our goal?

Reigniting our passion, purpose and performance will help us to achieve our goals. Thank you to all those who attended the meeting and participated so openly.

Our vision at Women’s Business club is to support business and career minded women across the UK, forge their own success stories. For more information or to join one of our events please click here

Our next Wimbledon meet up is Wednesday 10th June at 12pm, our theme is Giving.

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