'My Intent' Personalised Jewellery

My Intent Bracelets are personalised, motivational bracelets so that when you look down at your wrist, you feel empowered, connected and excited by the one or two words of your choosing that represent the source of your motivational fire.

It reminds you:

– Why you do what you do
– What success without sacrifice means to you
– What you need to remember to fire you up every day
– Who the best version of yourself is.

How to Choose Your Word(s)?
Your word(s) shouldn’t exceed 14 characters and there can’t be any numbers or special characters.

Currently shipping to UK only. Estimated delivery is 3-5 working days. Made in the UK.

My Intent Bracelet


The string is made of waxed nylon and has a slight shine. The token is made of Brass or plated Nickel.

String colours vary between black, red, purple, blue or cream.

20 in stock (can be backordered)


A ‘My Intent’ bracelet is a personalised bracelet that when you look down at your wrist, you are reminded:

– Why you do what you do
– What success without sacrifice means to you
– What you need to remember to fire you up every day
– Who the best version of yourself is.
motivational secret weapon used  numerous successful entrepreneurs and celebrities to keep them on track to their goals.


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