Giving: Benefit your business by benefiting others!

  • Are you uncomfortable about getting “you” out there?
  • Do work with charities but feel uncomfortable linking this with your business to gain brand value?
  • Have you always wanted to do more for charity but don’t have the time?
  • Do you want to meet and network with other business women in your local area?

If so this Brighton and Hove Tribe Night is the event for you!

Natalie Trice is a PR Trainer and Consultant, visiting lecturer at the University of Plymouth and PR Mentor at Westminster University.  From CEO’s of international TV channels to entrepreneurs of ambitious start-ups, Natalie has worked with them all.

Today, as well as retained clients, Natalie teaches people around the world the fundamentals of PR and gives them the skills and confidence to go out and talk to the media.  With her contacts and “cheer-leading” approach, her clients secure the column inches and airwaves that help them to stand out from the crown, and shine.

Natalie is also a life coach, The Good Enough Coach, and a large part of her work involves helping women to step into their own skin, step into the limelight and be their awesome self, something she is extremely passionate about.

During her session, Natalie will talk about how being visible right now can be so helpful.  PR is a powerful tool and while you don’t have to be saying LOOK AT ME, it can help keep you in the limelight and be seen as part of the conversation.  We will look at what PR is, and what it isn’t, how you can be your own media maker and why now isn’t the time to hide in the shadows, but to shine.

I know I’m really excited to hear everything Natalie has to share about how we can develop our PR skills and expand our reach whilst benefiting others.

Book your tickets here:

  • Free to Women’s Business Club members,
  • £12.50 +vat/charges for guests.

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