5 Opportunities in Difficult Times

1. Acknowledge Anxiety
2. Don’t survive, thrive!
3. Innovate and Create
4. Build Positive Community
5. Lead and Influence

It’s business as usual at Women’s Business Club, nothing has changed except the way we will meet up from 1st April.

✓ We will continue to connect, support and empower UK’s businesswomen.
✓ We will continue to offer fantastic value to our members.
✓ We will continue to give you as much free online support as possible.
✓ We will continue to help you create, build and share your Success Story.
✓ We will continue to meet up in our local clubs, only online from 1st April. March’s events are going ahead as planned at local venues.

In addition to all our usual incredible value we can now offer you even more!
✓ We can offer you a choice of Virtual Business Networking events.
✓ We can offer you a choice of virtual Power Hours with expert speakers.
✓ We can offer you access to our Emergency Fund for finances and mentoring.
✓ We can offer you a free listing in our business directory where you can list or offer products that are available for delivery or services available digitally.

Women’s Business Club is the place to be, get all the support and resources that you need to build stronger, more resilient businesses so that we all come out of this rough patch stronger and more passionate than ever.

If you are not already a member we propose that you sign up as an ONLINE MEMBER from today as this is where you can access our community and resources instantly.

Online Options – www.womensbusiness.club/online
Full Membership Options – www.womensbusiness.club/membership

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