What Does Planning Your Social Media & 60 Minute Makeover Have In Common?

Join us to find out what planning your social media and 60 Minute Makeover has in common!

Planning is the essence for any project and it is crucial that you are planning your social media marketing journey too. What does planning your social media have in common with 60 minute Makeover TV series program? Have you watched the TV series before? It’s the one that a team of designers, craftsmen and women work together to transform several areas of a home in just 1 hour. Crazy right? It is definitely possible when you have a plan in place and all in your team are working towards one End Goal.

So, let’s look at the common parts between the two:

1. Start with the WHY?

Sounds simple but finding the WHY should always be the root of any project. It enables an understanding of what’s to come and how you will deal with it.

Why do you need to be on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and so many others? Is it because your competition is on it or is it because it’s where your current customers and prospects are hanging out?

Similarly in 60 minutes Makeover, a loving son or daughter wants to give something special to their parents and secretly arranged for nice surprise to take place.

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2. Set Your End Goal for each social platform.

Establishing your End Goal for each platform should be the first thing you should do. Having in mind your business objectives how does social media can be integrated into it. Working backwards from your end goal, break it down into SMART objectives using the formula Specific, Measurable, Attainable, realistic and Timely.

At 60 minute makeover they use a sign that says “Keep Me” for those features in the room that they want to keep and everything else can then get changed. They assess how many rooms need transforming, what is going to change, what atmosphere is required for each room to achieve a balance in the home, what colours are best? Who is doing what by when and where.

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