Planet Zee – Journey to the Zamazonian


We are delighted to introduce one of our member’s very first books to you!  Planet Zee by Jane Forey. Rather than read it and tell you all about it myself I have enlisted the help of my children who have done a much better job that I would have.

Book Review
by Daniel De Souza, 10 years old

Planet Zee is all about a fantasy world with lots of islands and humans taking the form of animals. The main character is Fozzy, the son of King Bonzo, who gives him a mission that takes him to the Zamazonian Island where something terrible happened. In Planet Zee there is loads of excitement and fun. If you like fantasy, then this is the book for you.  It has crazy content, cool characters and fabulous fiction! I liked the style of the writing, it was interesting, exciting and easy to read. I love the characters and that they all have a ‘Z’ on them. I love that they are normal animals but adapted to be like humans. In conclusion, I liked the book and it’s fabulous fun. I would recommend it to anyone.

Book Review
by Amy De Souza, 7 years old

Planet Zee was inspiring because it had a lot of adjectives. I liked that it had lots of adventures and excitement. I also liked that it had all the animals starting with a ‘Z’ like Zogs. The Zimpanzees had massive ‘Z”s on their chest which is great too. I really liked the book and can’t wait for the next one.

That’s it from Daniel and Amy – get your copy on Amazon and if your child would like to write a review I will include it here – get in touch.

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