DARE TO DREAM 2021 at Women's Business Club  

At the Women's Business Club, we believe there is MORE for you in 2021. The potential in you, and your business is more than you can even imagine!


Do you feel that there are dreams that have been lying dormant? Do you feel you have missed your opportunity? Are you feeling frustrated, unfulfilled and maybe even a bit lost? We know that in 2021, all you need is a helping hand and someone to believe in you! We are fired up and excited to help you awaken those dreams - to help you to think bigger, to reach forward and seize those opportunities. 2021 is full of opportunity, we just need to grab hold of it.

YOU’RE NOT IN THIS ALONE. Come and join us! We all have a beautiful Success Story waiting to be written and we are passionate about helping you to write yours.
    Venturing into the Dragoness’ Den

    Venturing into the Dragoness’ Den

    Director of Rockallwight PR, Claire Cunningham tells her success story: How I threw my hat in the ring and ended...

    New bedding brand ready to shake up a tired industry.

    On May 18th Bedfolk launch their collection of super-comfortable “no bullsheet bedding” for the conscious consumer who wants high quality...

    Little Bird by Jools Oliver

    Jools Oliver and her husband Jamie have been together since they were 17 and have built a fantastic life and...

    Romi Sovova – Interview with Founder of PensionBee

    Seeing an Opportunity to Make a Difference to an Important Market Romi Sovova, Chief Executive Officer at PensionBee, tells us...

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