Own A Restaurant? Follow These Tips To (RE)Launch With A Bang!

The restaurant game has taken a huge hit in recent months. Coronavirus left many of them empty for huge amounts of time. Some have managed to succeed with a takeaway element to their business but for most they’ve just been shut down, paying overheads with no money coming in at all. If you already own a restaurant type business, you’ll be looking at the best way to relaunch as the lockdown measures start coming to an end. Maybe you’re waiting on the wings to launch your restaurant business. Now might be the right time. So many would have, unfortunately, gone out of business in the recent crisis. Launching as the lockdown ends means you might be able to ride quite a lucrative wave as a lot of people will want to catch up on what they’ve missed out on. Here are a few tips to help your launch or relaunch be a success. Every business is unique, so these tips might help you change your perspective and move onto deeper, more bespoke research.

Make Sure People Are Comfortable

People want to be comfortable when they eat or drink. A lot of restaurants these days go for fangled seating arrangements which might look great but don’t feel good. Try to keep it simple. This can be hard when you’re going for something a bit different, but try to adhere to it. If the air quality is bad where you’re going to operate, consider a commercial air purifier for comfort. If you have a queuing system or a waiting system, make sure there are at least a few seats. The toilets need to be accessible too and ensure that there are disabled facilities in place. The lighting shouldn’t be too dim, or too bright. Try to go for a happy medium. Think about what annoys you and what makes you uncomfortable. Check the tables are a good height and make sure they’re on an even surface so that they don’t wobble.

Keep The Menu Simple

The more complex the menu the harder it is for the chef and those using the kitchen to get things right. You’d be better off with a set specialisation over a huge menu. Some people might appreciate variety and that’s fine, you of course need some variation but try to keep it as slim as possible. It means the quality of the food will be much better and far more consistent, which is of course what brings in the good reviews and happy customers. If you’re relaunching, have a look at your menu and see what can be done.

Bring Them In To Start

When you launch it’s all about getting those customers in so they can experience what you have to offer. If it’s good, they’ll tell friends and come back. That’s why you just need to get them through the doors and prepare to sell for a little undervalue, or to make only a small profit. When a new restaurant opens there’s usually some natural buzz anyway with people wanting to try it. But in this case, you can offer lower prices or perhaps a coupon run right up to the opening to pull people in. Get some of your staff out sampling food to the local community with fliers. It costs money, but how many people just throw fliers right in the bin? Not food. Give them food and they’ll take notice. Target places frequently crossed with a lot of pedestrians. You might have to be careful with social distancing guidelines here, but the need for a little bit of creativity shouldn’t hold you back from this opportunity.

Bring In The Reviewers

At the earliest outset you should bring in the reviewers. It might be slightly daunting, and a little scary even, but having their input is vital. They’ll write about their experience on their blog, or even in a print magazine. Whatever the case, it’ll attract publicity. You might be a little worried about whether they like the food or not. If they don’t, which could happen, simply use what they say to make things even better. When you’ve acted on the feedback just invite them back and see if you can build upon your last review. Never burn any bridges. If you think something is unfair, then challenge it but in a professional manner. You should invite more than one critic too, if you can to get a wider spread of feedback. If you can get these reviews rolling out just as you open for business you’ll be onto a winner. 

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