Out Of Sight, But Not Out Of Mind – Avoiding Business Warehouse Woes

Running a warehouse can be a huge task and a significant element of your operation. And for many businesses, the warehouse is located away from head office, which can sometimes mean it’s neglected or not always at the forefront of your mind.

Making sure your warehouse runs smoothly is important. A disaster could cost you money, and cause serious damage to your business.

Help your business avoid warehouse woes with the following tips.

Hire staff you can trust

Having the right employees in place can ensure your warehouse operations run smoothly, leaving you to focus on the rest of your business. Recruiting the best talent is important to ensure that you hire employees who are experienced and can bring a lot of value to your business. Warehouses are large operations, and having someone in place who has managed warehouses before can help bring their knowledge and experience to provide the best outcome for your business.

Make health and safety a priority

With a lot of heavy equipment and plenty of movement, your warehouse can be a dangerous place. It’s important that you have the right health and safety policies in place, while making sure that your warehouse environment is a safe space for your employees. Basic considerations such as the level of lighting are important, as well as making sure your staff have all received appropriate warehouse training. You can learn more here about high-quality warehouse flooring that will help keep your goods and employees safe. An accident in the workplace could have a number of consequences for your business, so take all of the steps necessary to prevent them in the first place. 

Get your insurance in place

While you can take as many precautions as possible for your warehouse, unfortunately, accidents can happen. In August 2017, a fire destroyed several warehouses in Basildon, Essex, which destroyed the stock of many businesses – costing hundreds of thousands of pounds in damage. Having the right insurance in place to cover these types of accidents is important, and could mean your business stays protected in light of disasters like this. Get your policy checked regularly so that you know exactly what’s covered.

Make sure you stocktake regularly

Your warehouse can contain a lot of stock, and a regular audit of what you have can help avoid accounting problems in the future, as well as identify and problems in your processes. A stocktake is something you can do within the business itself, or you can bring in external auditors to take care of the work on your behalf.

Every aspect of your business matters, but if something were to happen to your warehouse, it could be a significant problem for your business. Protecting your business should cover all aspects of it, making sure that you, your employees and the business itself are all taken care of. Review your warehouse strategy today and make the necessary changes to ensure your warehouse stays a safe and effective operation.


Photo by Ruchindra Gunasekara on Unsplash

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