Our Book for May – Fight Like a Girl: The Power of Being a Woman by Lisa Bevere

What is the strength of the woman? […] What should upset a woman? And what would fighting like a girl look like if it was done right?

We’ve come a long way with destroying gender stereotypes, but there still quite a bit to do. With society still constantly attempting to place women in a box, it is difficult for women to reach  their full potential.  Lisa questions these damaging stereotypes that have been placed on women and encourages to women to embrace their femininity, specifically from a religious perspective. However, it should be noted that this book can help women from various backgrounds, due to the female empowerment message that it conveys.

Lisa Bevere implores us to embrace the differences between the sexes instead of trying to eradicate them […] It’s a common insult among men: “to fight like a girl” implies weakness. Instead, Lisa challenges women to accept – and celebrate – themselves as God created them. Their femininity is actually their greatest strength. Instead of trying to adapt to the ill-fitting male model, women need to pick up the power God ordained for them and make their unique and much – needed mark on society, the world, and the church. […] In learning to “fight like a girl” lies a a woman’s true potential and fulfilment. 

Happy Reading!

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