Olverum Bath Oil

olverumOlverum bath oil is a pleasure that you should not deny yourself! Today was one of those difficult days, you know, the ones that you just want to come to an end. What kept me going was knowing that before long I would be able to relax in my bath, but not just any bath, an Olverum bath! This magic blend of essential oils has a way of turning an ordinary bath into a luxurious experience. After a good soak with my lovely bath oil I am always more relaxed and peaceful. My skin is left silky soft making the luxury linger on after the bath.

Those who know me or who have read by book, I Did it in My Pyjamas, will know that I have a lovely bath in my bedroom! So not only is my Olverum bath an experience but my whole room is filled with the amazing fragrances leaving me no option but to sleep well all night long.

Now you can’t all have a bath in your bedroom, I am a bit spoilt in this regard, but you can all have a lovely Olverum bath to soothe away aches and ease stressed, tired muscles. Don’t take my word for it, try it yourself, I promise you won’t be disappointed.  Find out more at www.olverum.com


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