Oh what a night!

Well that was great!

Last night, at our Women’s Business Club Tribe Night, we had Rebecca from The Social Media Tree come along and share with us her expert approach to using social media to build a business.

So what did I learn?

  • Which channels of social media are going to work best for the type of customers I want
  • How to build a “persona” (or two, or three)  which is a definition of my ideal customers and get a real understanding of what problems they have that I can help resolve.
  • That I need to research how and when my personas interact with their social media, so I can post with more success!
  • That there are two types of posts, content I create and then content that someone else creates that I share and BOTH types can be planned and scheduled ahead so I don’t spend my days dipping in and out of social media
  • Which types of theme might work for me and how to mix it up to be interesting.

It’s going to be a busy month putting that into action but I am VERY sure that once I do, my stress levels are going to go down and my productivity is going to go up!

Thanks so much Rebecca.  If you too want her help then link to her on Facebook here

If you’d like to come along to my next online Tribe Night where we’re going to be looking at PR and how to use it effectively to promote your business with marketing guru Sheryl Tipton please book here.

You never know the impact it can have unless you come!


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