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10 October – Media Links

Connecting business & media

Most business owners don’t realise how important their relationship with local and national media is. During October we will be exploring this relationship, how it mutually benefits business owners and the media as well as how to make yourself known to media contacts. You will gain inside information from experts in the media, clever tips and tricks on how to stand out and all you need to know to forge strong, lasting links with your local and even national media contacts.


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In October you will:

  • Learn how to forge links with the media.
  • Grow your business through media PR.
  • Create effective press releases.
  • Sustain fruitful media relationships.


Join us at one of our October events as we take a look at how to get your business connected to the media at our Business Lunches or Mastermind Boardroom. Find a dates and locations at www.calendar.womensbusiness.club

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