No More Excuses: Even The Smallest Businesses Can Go Green

You might think that the problem of pollution is mostly a consequence of the activity of big businesses, and you’d be right. Data suggest that around two-thirds of all human-made global warming is the result of the operation of just 90 global companies. 



With that said, there is still plenty that small businesses like yours can do to be more sustainable and preserve the Earth for future generation to enjoy. 

Whether you’re a small office-based company or an industrial startup, here are some ways that you can go green right now


Become An Avid Composter

While it’s not the sexiest of subjects, composting your biological waste is one of the most powerful things that you can do to help protect the environment. 

Food waste is a massive issue for the environment. The more food we waste, the more land we need for production, displacing native wildlife. Thus, anything that we can do to reduce the impact of food consumption on the environment right now can help. 

Composting is helpful because it allows you to naturally return your food waste to nature, creating something usable. You can use the soil that you create via composting to plant new crops or sell to local producers. 


Insulate Your Walls

While the majority of homeowners have heard the message loud and clear that they should insulate their homes, businesses aren’t doing so well. 

Part of the problem is the straightforward fact that a lot of business premises don’t have cavity walls. Insulating them, therefore, is a bit of a challenge using conventional methods. 

Fortunately, companies like Spray Foam Insulation offer a solution. The idea here is to spray material onto surfaces inside your building to keep warm air inside and cold air out. It works similarly to the conventional stuff, trapping pockets of air inside and making it difficult for heat to bridge the gap, but you can apply it anywhere. Ultimately, interventions like this will slash your energy bill and reduce the overall carbon impact of your company. 


Cut Your Use Of Cleaning Products

Businesses believe that if they want to thrive, they have to maintain clean, sparkling premises. After all, it’s what workers and customers expect. If your offices are dirty, your most talented employees might decide to up sticks and leave. 



Cleaning desks, toilets and carpets with commercial cleaning agents, however, is a problem. Not only might it damage worker health, but it harms the environment too. Synthetic compounds leach out into the environment, infiltrating the water table and leading to a plethora of problems in the ecosystem. 

The good news is that there are now many eco-cleaning products on the market that are nearly as effective but don’t contain harmful chemicals. 


Shift To Energy-Efficient Computing

Computers contribute significantly to the overall carbon emissions of your business. Like it or not, they’re energy guzzlers. 


You can, however, achieve energy-efficient computing if you move to notebooks and start deriving more services via the cloud. 

So there you have it: several ways that even the smallest of businesses can go green. No more excuses!





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