Best New Business Award

Seer International has both domestic and international sales and marketing and strategic business development experience and is proudly sponsoring this year's Best New Business Award.


Seer has people who have worked internationally but, critically, have lived and operated in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, North America and Asia working for, and with, Blue Chip companies.

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The Award

The Best New Business of the Year award is designed to showcase and celebrate talented new businesses across the UK. She has taken the plunge, overcome the barriers to launch and turned her brilliant idea into a reality. We award her for showing consistent growth in her business and learning from the difficult challenges that face all new businesses in the early years.

The Nominees

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2019 Winners - 2020 nominees to be announced soon, voting will open in October.

  1. Anna Ellard 
  2. Chantelle Davison  
  3. Jane Galloway 
  4. Jenny Lane   
  5. Ruth Bayliss  
  6. Susan Kabani

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