#MondayMotivation – Focus on – Follow Your Heart



As I handed in my last 4000 word assignment at University to complete my second year, a huge sense of relief washed over me and I was extremely happy. I began thinking of the amazing summer that I would have with my friends, day trips and long summer nights, working hard for my Internship, being able to go on holiday and finally relax and prepare for my final year of Uni.

Following this, I felt reflective and really started thinking about how I got to where I am today and the way my life has panned out up until this point. I was in a really restrictive and controlling relationship up until this time last year. My boyfriend told me that I couldn’t go to University and I had to stay home and work just because he would be. I knew that this wouldn’t be right for me and I began the process of applying to University anyway. This is something that had been a dream for me and I wasn’t going to let one person tell me otherwise and potentially completely alter my future. I did really well and felt amazing for it, my A Levels results were fantastic, I had all five offers from the different Universities and even one Unconditional offer! It was a hard decision but I decided on one of the Universities and had my heart set on it. The Uni seemed like they really wanted me, inviting me to a “specially selected induction day” even though I hadn’t yet set it as my firm choice. My boyfriend however was not impressed with this and told me that I wouldn’t be going because it was too far away. I resisted for a long time but I eventually agreed with him and opted for a much closer University to home. At the time I was confusing being in love with being controlled and manipulated and I would’ve done anything to make him happy.

I will never forgive myself for not breaking the boundaries that he had put in place and going with what I truly wanted. My life could have been completely different, I’m not sure if it could have been better or worse, or just different. As it turns out, I completely love my University for my own reasons and not his. I truly do. However, I do look back and hate myself for not ending the relationship earlier and taking a chance! I now view the whole relationship as an emotionally tiring, draining, waste of my time even though at the time I was in it for the long run!

Luckily for me, my altered decision did actually turn out to be an amazing choice for me and has brought me so much happiness and so many opportunities along the way! However, we can look at this in all aspects of life, including business. How many opportunities have you shied away from because you didn’t feel confident enough to accept? How many times have you been held back from making decisions? What exactly is it holding you back?

I believe that we all need to learn to live life the way that we deeply desire and not do everything a certain way just to please others! Break the boundaries! Go with your heart! Don’t listen to negative people that are trying to drag you down and more importantly than anything, be yourself and live your life, after all, we only get one chance!

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