Mindfulness for More Confidence – Southampton Virtual Business Meetup

April is Confidence month at Women’s Business Club, it’s time for us to get out of our own way and feel more confident and self-empowered. Limiting beliefs hold us back and prevent us from being who we are destined to be.

This month we were joined  at our Southampton Virtual meetup by an exceptional speaker Christoph Spiessens , a published author, certified coach and Mindfullness guide. Christoph develops inspirational learning experiences that help conscious organisations improve employee engagement, leadership, sales & customer service

The talk, helped us understand how confidence is everything – in business and in our personal lives. It does not mean being arrogant, overly extroverted or becoming someone you are not. Yet confidence is also more than just feeling sure of yourself and your abilities. Authentic confidence is about connection: A deep connection to who you truly are and to Life. Once that connection is in place, you can approach your business and personal life with authentic confidence. Christoph shared practical mindfulness tools to calm down our minds and reconnect.

We will continue our Success story in May, with our theme of ‘Back to Basics’ our speaker will be the wonderful Nicky Rudd, Managing Director of Padua Communications.

Tickets are available here for our next virtual meetup on 27th May

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