Micro Membership

Micro members are typically small businesses or startups who are looking for connection opportunities and support. Our clubs are designed to be the perfect place for any small business to find their feet, learn what they need to know from our guest speakers and other club members and get down to some in-depth training through our training courses. Getting value from your membership is as easy as A,B,C!

Read the Membership Terms and Conditions before applying.


The ladies at the Women's Business Club are some of best connections and friends I have met. They are such an empowering and supportive group and I have found out so much about business. I can’t wait to learn more. - Danielle Crawford, Black Nova Designs

Women's Business Club has really helped me to understand what it is I want to achieve and to focus on how I can achieve it. I'd recommend it to anyone, even if they don't have the next 'big idea'. Just recognising that you can do whatever it is you do for yourself is enough.Isobel Turner-Cross, Rosamae Botanicals

Micro Member Benefits


Build a brand and gain new clients
1. Advertising
Did you know that 80% of our members say that they bought products or services from other members before looking outside the group? Get new clients by making sure your business is seen and known. We do all we can to promote our members at the Women’s Business Club by offering free advertising opportunities in our vibrant social media groups.

2. Awards
Gain recognition as an award-winning businesswoman. The highlight of our year is when all the clubs come together from across the UK for our annual Maximise Conference & Awards. All Women’s Business Club members are invited to be nominated for an award to celebrate their achievements.

3. Display Table
Sell your products or services directly to other members and visitors at our events. You will be surprised how much of a difference it can make to your business is people can touch and feel products or have a taster of your services. Each monthly networking lunch offers an opportunity to have a display table for your business.


Business Buddies

Enjoy accountability and support
1. Members Only Portal
Enjoy a completely private member only area where businesswomen can connect with each other, discuss challenges and issue in the forum, promote their offers, events, products and services and access both the local and national network. It’s a fantastic place to get away from the distraction of social media, sponsored post, etc and get down to business with other businesswomen.

2. Networking
At our club we can offer you fantastic networking opportunities where you can form genuine business relationships at our monthly networking lunches, get support with your business challenges in our Wonderbra session and hear an expert speaker all over a healthy lunch.

3. Buddy System
Each month our members draw a ticket and are allocated their buddy for the month. We encourage these buddies to get to know each other, keep in touch and if possible meet up at least once before the next lunch.


Stay informed and educated
1. News and Articles
Read the latest business news and trends as well as articles from top experts in their field at Women’s Business News. We are committed to providing the best quality news and content to our business community.

2. Template and Tutorials
Save a small fortune on business documents as a member. We offer countless templates and tutorials in our Resources area, all free to our members, giving our small businesses the best possible chance of success and saving them thousands of pounds in the process.

3. Training
As part of our commitment to supporting small business, we offer in-depth training that covers everything from the very basics up to advanced business support through our Ultimate Business Course which is free for members.



Apply for Micro Membership

Micro membership is an annual investment of £497 + VAT, monthly payment plans* are available. You may sign up right away if you have been invited to membership or alternatively apply by filling in the form on the right to see if we have space for you and that your category is not taken in your chosen club.

* Monthly payment plans are to help with spreading the payments of the annual membership fee. You are still committing to a 12-month membership and are liable for the full amount if you choose to terminate your membership early. You can, however, find a replacement to take over your payments for your membership should you need to leave the club for legitimate reasons.

The Women’s Business Club is an amazing support network of business owners who are ready to grow through being empowered and supported! I love it and have been a member now for many years! It has been a huge part of my growth both personally and in business. Jen Hall