GROW your dream business without feeling frustrated and alone.


Dear Businesswoman,

First, I want you to know…
… You don’t have to feel frustrated and alone in building your big dreams.

Often the biggest challenge you face is either being alone or being the only one who carries the weight of your business, while your team and family, think you have it all together looking from the outside in.

But during challenging times those pressures mount up and go to the next level.
And, how do you solve that..?

…we can achieve so much more than we could ever do alone.

When I set up the Women’s Business Club, I was in your shoes, I knew I wanted to make a difference and eventually I had the courage to not only grow my business but take it to the next level with a network of other like-minded women.

My vision back then is now the reality of the Women’s Business Club today, we bring together expertise from across the world to ensure that you get the best possible support in your business both practically as well as socially.


Angela xx


This is how we help you grow your business:

✓ PROVEN STRUCTURED SYSTEM: You will learn how to stop exhausting yourself with random one-off courses and events, find focus that will remove overwhelm give you more time back using our unique Success Story System worth over £1,000

✓ AWARD-WINNING BUSINESS COMMUNITY: You will stop feeling alone in your business journey - we offer personal support in person and online worth over £500.

✓ EXPERT TRAINERS: Stop feeling overwhelmed by all you don't know how to do - we offer high-quality training from the best in their field worth over £3,000

✓ NATIONAL MEETUPS: You will stop losing money with random networking, get connected, and known at our local and national events across the UK and Canada worth over £750

✓ RECOGNISED BUSINESS AWARDS:  You will stop being average, be exceptional, and stand out above your competitors by entering our business awards and gaining PR and marketing value worth over £850.

✓ AFFORDABLE INVESTMENT: You will stop overpaying for business support, get one tidy monthly fee and you don't need to spend money anywhere else. Once you join Women's Business Club everything is free, there are no extra charges for events, products, or services. It's all included.

All monthly meetups included * All training included * Printed Success Story Book included * 

All this, literally thousands of pounds worth of value and much more care and support each year. You can start at any month of the year. This year's commitment is essential to your success, we get real results for you from month one. Upon 12 month signup, we will send your Success Story Book in the post so you can get started right away and connect you with your local business community.

Some business gifts worth £200 just for you....

Free Business Plan Template

Free Passion Finder

Free Priority Planner

Free Content Creator

12 Months to Business Success:

Once you become a member this biggest advantage you will gain is 12 months of business success through clear focus that we will guide you through. And to make this easy, here are the key areas that you will be taken through over the course of your membership to ensure you get value. You will have a great support community, you will achieve the results you are looking for and you will have every resource that you will need to build a successful business.

✓  A hard copy of the Success Story Book

Vibrant and engaged Facebook Group

Training and webinars from Leading Experts

Business directory listing to Showcase Your Business

Vault access for Downloads & Templates

Save money with a Conference Discount

Access to in-person and online Business Meetups

Promote your business on our website in a Feature Article

Showcase your business with a Display Table at Events

Match monthly with a buddy for Accountability

Share your expertise with Speaking Opportunities

There are many more opportunities, too many to list!


As soon as you join the Women's Business Club you will be invited to join your nearest in-person or online meetup. Membership gives access to your exclusive position at your local Business Lunch as well as unlimited Tribe Night, Mocha Morning, and Virtual meetups across the world.

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12 month contract at £57 per month.
Free copy of the Success Story Book posted to you 🙂


: Most Empowering Business Community 2020


Grow your Income

Our unique Success Story System guarantees that you will significantly grow your income.

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Grow your Knowledge

You don't need to know everything, leverage the expertise of high profile experts.

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Grow your Network

No one succeeds alone, we all need to connect with others from different backgrounds and expertise.

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The real value in joining our club is not only generating new business but also in leveraging the expertise in the room. At each meetup we proactively ask "What support do you need?" and "What referrals do you need?". We are not a typical networking club as you may have experienced, we are a business support community for women and this means that we don't only offer practical business support but you can also tap into support for the challenges that only women face.

Our membership offers relevant mentoring, support, training and benefits to suit the size of your business. Monthly meetups as well as all other member benefits with the exception of one-to-one mentoring and our Mastermind Boardroom, are included in all membership leaving you with one tidy payment and nothing to worry about for the rest of the year. Please see our full Membership Terms & Conditions here.

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12 month contract at £57 per month.
Free copy of the Success Story Book posted to you 🙂


Women's Business Club

"innovative and impressive"

"An innovative and impressive way to bring powerful women together. I felt and learned something new it is amazing how you can give and receive strength during an amazing get-together. The attention to every small detail has built a need and necessity together with a luxury." - Sabrina Kaur

Women's Business Club

"get advice and share stories"

"Fantastic way to meet people, get advice and share stories about your business and aims. I've met some great contacts and formed business partnerships through some of them. A friendly, informal, welcome and open forum for all topics. Highly recommend." - Caroline Anne

Women's Business Club

"interesting and diverse"

"The clubs are second to none with knowledge and understanding. My only regret with the Women's Business Club is not joining earlier. Thoroughly informative, an interesting and diverse range of women with so much to offer each other." - Danielle Holmes

Women's Business Club

"make meaningful connections"

"I highly recommend Women's Business Club for any business woman looking to network and make meaningful connection. Each club is relaxed, friendly, supportive and informative. It is a privilege to be part of such a fantastic club." - Kerry Seymour