Women’s Business Club Meetups

Make new contacts, brainstorm ideas and leverage the expertise in the room!

Our Women's Business Club Meetups offer a place where you can bounce ideas around, where we talk about things like time management, marketing, keeping motivated, creating financial freedom and the challenges around balancing family life, gender pay gap and getting women recognised on boards in companies.

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You don't have to be a member to visit us at first and may visit twice before making a decision about membership. Each club offers professional exclusivity so once you join as a member you lock that seat out. Join our local clubs also gives you access to the national network of members in our private member's area.

Visitors Pay: £30
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What to expect:

  • 11:30   Coffee & networking
  • 12:00   Introductions - 60 seconds to pitch your business to the room.
  • 12:25   Member Spotlight - 5 minutes to shine the light on your business.
  • 12:30   Lunch
  • 13:00   Talk - an inspiring talk from experts in their field.
  • 13:30   Wonderbra - lifting and supporting you in your business by bouncing ideas and challenges around.
  • 14:00   End

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