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05 May – Building Blocks

Pave your way to success.

It’s time to get down to some practical nitty gritty business stuff. Businesses grow best when they are nurtured in the right environment and built on a firm foundation. Being organised, well trained and understanding the value of failure are some of the building blocks that create the right foundation for your business. Join us as we get practical about what your business needs to succeed. We will look at the essential basics that all businesses need to master in order to succeed. These building blocks are relevant for all business types and sizes.


How to grow your business tool

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In May you will:

  • Understand the basic building blocks of any business
  • Assess your business’ current situation
  • Learn what make a business grow
  • Gain a healthy view of failure
  • Identify training needs

Join us at one of our May events as we take a look at how to ensure that you have set a stable foundation in your business at our Business Lunches or Mastermind Boardroom. Find dates and locations at www.calendar.womensbusiness.club and discover how to grow your business.

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