Maxine Laceby – Collagen Supplement Formula Creator

"Collagen Supplement Formula Creator"

Maxine says, ‘coming back to the work place at 50 having not as much as written a cheque for 15yrs was both terrifying and exhilarating. After officially launching Absolute Collagen in the UK May 2017 she is on track for a 3 million turnover this year.

You will often hear Maxine saying, ‘I’m no one special, I’m just little old me doing my thing’ and says every skill she needs for her business she learned from being a woman and a mother.

Maxine’s motto ‘own who you are’ was the beginning of her personal journey to self and the creation and ownership of her ‘own skin’ something she wears with pride every single day.

Maxine will take you on her personal journey from, ‘never feeling she was enough and never knowing who she was, from being terrified to put the bin out 6yrs ago, to owning who she is today.’

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Staring a business at 50 having not worked for 25yrs and rewriting the rules both in my personal and business life. My journey to self is about coming forward with grace and dignity and if I can inspire just one person to do the same then my work here is done.

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Founding a formula in my kitchen and turning it into a sucsessful business. Having not worked for 25yrs I have overcome many obstacles along the way. Absolute Collagen in the UK in May 2017 she is on track for a 3 million turnover this year.

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