Maximise Women’s Business Conference 2016

For the fourth year in a row the Women’s Business Club is hosting their very popular Maximise Conference. This event is being held on the 30th November 2016 at Pittville Pump Rooms, Cheltenham. It is not an opportunity to be missed, as it gives business women all over the UK a chance to work on their business and give it the time and care that it deserves. This event is an opportunity which will allow women to network, exhibit, and attend inspiring talks, but most importantly a chance to explore some of their business needs.

The Women’s Business Club is a community, started by Angela De Souza, where women are encouraged to bring out the potential within themselves and are offered advice in business and for life in general. The Women’s Business Club empowers women to start their own business and to take charge of their life. They hold a variety of events throughout the year, where women are able to network, listen to talks and receive the support and advice they need to ensure that their business is a success. They offer Women’s Business Networking Lunches, where women are able to participate in inspiring talks and some networking with like-minded executives and entrepreneurs. These networking lunches will work according to a theme that is set each month, some of them being, ‘Love your business’, ‘Connecting your world’ and ‘Building Blocks’. The Women’s Business Club also organises a Women’s Business VIP Mastermind Breakfast and Support Circle, which is a meeting with a maximum of six people in a group that helps solve problems and ensures that the business is heading for success. And last but by no means least, one of the biggest events that the Women’s Business Club hosts is the Maximise Conference, which is only held once a year.

Due to its popularity the Maximise Conference has grown rapidly, proving what a success it is. The Women’s Business Club has hosted the Maximise Conference for the last three years, to allow women to expand and grow their business. This event, which, clues in the name, maximises the opportunities for women to improve their business! This is an exciting event which is a major networking opportunity as it gives the chance for women to exchange information and gain contacts for their business. However, the Maximise Conference does not only offer the opportunity to network, but also offers a range of other events which are carried out throughout the day. On the day, people will be able to attend talks by Angela De Souza from Cheltenham, Jennifer Hall from Cardiff and Sofia Pacifico Reis from Southampton, just to name a few. These talks are designed to inspire, encourage and motivate women to understand their business, achieve their goals while also getting the most out of what life has to offer.

Maximise Conference also enables businesses to gain more recognition through the Dragoness’ Den and award ceremony. The Dragoness’ Den is an opportunity for business’ to pitch their new ideas in front of the Maximise Dragoness and get their business known. The final round will be happening live at the Maximise Conference, so be sure to grab your tickets to see who will win! The Dragoness’ Den allows business’ to expand as there are various exciting prizes to be won, from £100 cash prize donated by Natwest Bank, to a Sliver membership worth £250 from Women’s Business Club. The Dragoness’ themselves are women who want to inspire and support business’ to ensure that they reach their full potential and have great success beyond the competition!

As well as the Dragoness’ Den, there is an award ceremony with a range of categories, from Business woman of the year to Young Entrepreneur of 2016 and even Man of 2016. This variety of categories ensures that a variety of entrepreneurs and business women have the opportunity gain recognition. The award ceremony shows that the Maximise Conference is not just about expanding your business, but it is about celebrating how far you and your business have come. The award ceremony is an opportunity for introducing new business’ and helping them grow further and gain more success, whilst also celebrating how far various business’ have come and helping them continue with their success.

As well as the other events going on at the Maximise Conference, there is the Maximise Women’s Fashion show, which has proven to be a huge hit! This event is another way to support the ladies who have ventured into exciting world of fashion. The fashion show is a must opportunity, as you are able to meet the designers before and after the catwalk at their stands, try on the clothes and overall have an amazing time, with the Women’s Business Club designers and retailors. The 2016 designers include: Tricia Design, Cheltenham Wigs and Hire my Outfit. This is a brilliant chance to view the work of the fashion retailors and business’, so be sure to grab a seat for the catwalk!

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Written by Nikita

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