Marketing Tips We All Should Know



When you first launch a small business there are so many factors you have to consider and a lot of things which you need to balance in order to be a success. Perhaps one of the hardest things go for you to do as a small business is market for your brand effectively and share your voice with the world in a real way. Today we are going to take a look at marketing for a small business and beyond and look at the top tips you need to get started with it all.

Website is key

As you sit down eagerly to sketch out a killer marketing plan for your business, one of the first things you will need to look at is a website. When it comes to customers in this day and age, a website is the first place they will look for information about you, what you do and your products and service. This is why having a website for your brand should be number 1 on your to do list. Techtiq Solutions are web developers and they along with some designers and seo specialists can create the ideal website for your success.

Sell the solution

The main thing we have to remember when looking into how we sell a product is the approach we take. Although a lot of brands use the adage of being better than the competition, that still doesn’t give the customer a real reason to buy the product. When it comes to selling power, you have to think of a problem which your product can solve. If you want to sell non stick pans, you can prove that your product saves on stains and washing up. Think of how your product or service will benefit the audience and this is the best way to market going forward.

Listen to the customer

A fatal mistake often made by businesses is to go off their own gut instinct and completely ignore what the public wants and needs. If you are going to be as successful as you can in your chosen industry, you have to listen to the people who are putting you in that successful position in the first place. When it comes to listening to your customer there are lots of ways you can do this. You can offer reviews on your website where a customer can give their opinion, you can create a poll on social media to ask a question, or simply ask. When you have a good idea of what makes your customers tick, this will make a whole world of difference to you because it will allow you to create the right products.

Market before you release

One of the tricks of the trade which can make a huge ton of difference to your campaign is to market something before it is released. For example if you have a book which you are currently editing and finishing off, you can start to market this online with a countdown as well as start to share information about the characters and the story. It will help you to drum up interest for your item before it is even released and offering a pre order option can allow you to have a handful of pre sales from day one. It will be a huge help to your business and something which is definitely worth a shot.

Think outside the box

When we take a look at marketing most people think of the obvious: social media, email, advertisements on TV etc… but what else can you do? There are so many clever ways to incorporate your brand into the world and make a difference such as sponsoring a university football team, buying bus advertising space, sending out postal flyers… the world is endless when it comes to sending out correspondence and getting your name known so be creative and make sure that you think of clever ways to do this.

Get testing

When marketing for a business of any size it is important for you to track the success of a campaign and make sure that you know where to improve next time. Marketing is perhaps one of the hardest roles in a business because it isn’t a simple case of inputting A and outputting B. You won’t get as many people interested in a product as you target because you can’t force people to want to spend money. This is an issue which faces a lot of businesses and this is why you have to test your ideas. Try out a Google AdWords advert and see if it works for a small time. If not, move on and try something else. A failure is a lesson and it will allow you to move on to a different method.

Multiple angles

Have you ever noticed that some brands appear wherever you go? Mcdonalds for example are on TV, social media, billboards, bus stops… and every time you look around there is another picture of a burger in your face, enticing you in. The best way to gain traction with a marketing campaign is to market from different angles. You want to make sure that people see you wherever they go and this is something which you need to be able to try. See how many different places you can input your brand and this can make a huge difference overall.

PR is amazing

When it comes to building a successful brand there is something special about PR. The relationship you build with other brands is what will drive your branding and business forward and this is crucial for a great business. Make sure that you use your people skills to make real relationships with brands and be sure that you take advantage of your friendships in the professional industry and beyond. When you do this you will be contacted for many more collaborations and this can be a great thing for everyone.

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