Marketing Strategies You Might Not Have Considered

So you’re ready to get your marketing campaign under way, but have you fully considered all the relevant aspects that will help your campaign get off the ground? Here are some areas that are worth looking into before you launch:

Use influencers
Don’t underestimate the worth of working with influencers. Although celebrity endorsements are appealing for reach, you can still instill trust and interest in a target audience by using influencers both micro and larger. Campaigns with influencers can also be successful in ways celebrity endorsements are not.

The main factors being that they usually have a niche that they come to specialise in, rather than just being a recognisable name. Often a smaller, committed fan base can prove to instill more trust in the consumer and this will encourage people to try the product. They also command significantly smaller fees (if any) to introduce products or services to a small, but often, very loyal following and community.

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Voice search optimisation

It’s a more obscure one, but the way people are searching for products is changing. Since the rise of home gadgets such as Alexa and Google Home, more and more people are turning to voice commands for their searches. It will eventually change the nature of online searches in the coming years. No longer will your website only need to be optimised for text search, it will need to be optimised for voice searches too.

Voice search is even more competitive than text search since a smart assistant will usually select an answer from what we would consider the first listing. Marketers must focus on developing content that provides short explanations for those searching with a smart assistant, and in-depth answers for those who prefer text.

Establish a social media presence

If your socials are not very active and consistent, then now is the time to ramp up the posts. it’s important that you know what needs to be carried out in order to successfully build your company image, presence, and authority on social media channels – so you’ll appear as a trustworthy and dependable brand among consumers.

Choose the platforms that historically work better for your brand and then concentrate on producing solid content. Think about the different platforms and what they can offer you. Facebook will help with brand awareness, Twitter for real-time engagement and Instagram will help to boost your e-commerce promotions. Above all, listen and respond to what your customers are saying and remain active.

Carry out a social media audit beforehand

You’re going to be able to put your campaign in good stead if you take a good look at your social media channels. Once you better understand what the data is telling you and how to best navigate your channels. The audit should include information on the different platforms you are active on. More specifically, this audit should list links to your profiles, identify who is responsible for these accounts, key social media metrics, key audience demographic information, and the best performing posts based on engagement.

SMS reach

Customers will only opt-in to SMS updates from companies they want to interact with, so you know you’re delivering the message to the right person without it getting lost or ignored. If you want to make your customers feel really special, it’s easy to personalise each message and won’t take any extra time. Plus one they have left your website, you can keep the conversation going, putting you in a stronger position to keep it flowing, follow up, and convert more leads into sales.

SMS marketing is so powerful because SMS is the most popular and most widespread mobile phone application. All mobile handsets have built-in SMS features that are always on, you don’t need to install it or configure it, and even more importantly, SMS doesn’t require the Internet to be able to work. This means that anyone with a mobile phone can send or receive SMS text messages. Not to mention that SMS Marketing is so easy to use, it’s familiar and very efficient. And, it is very cheap compared to other marketing strategies.

Develop a content planner

In order to ensure your content is well planned, interesting, and timely, it’s a great idea to start developing a content calendar. Based on the information you gather from your social media audit, develop a content calendar on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis. This will help you track the frequency of your posts and the content that you will use based on the channels you are active on. This calendar will ensure that you are creating consistent, timely messages across your channels. Don’t worry, there are many content calendar templates that you can download. Each has its own way of organising information and most of them are customisable. 

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