March York Tribe Night – Work-Life Balance

March York Virtual Tribe Night

Thursday 18th March 19.30 to 21.30

Our March chapter from our unique Success Story System© is Work-Life Balance.

WORK-LIFE BALANCE – what does balance mean to me?

We will be joined by guest speaker Mel Bligh, founder of  Thrive over 40

Mel set up Thrive over 40 after dreaming about the idea for most of her working life.  She has helped many people get clear on their life direction and tackle their balance challenges and now is dedicating herself to support her own tribe – women over 40! 

Mel will share her own experiences of balance and help you reflect on your own aspirations and current challenges.  She will discuss the concept of work-life balance and what that means in our current pandemic-ruled world, and how a different lens is required to think differently about balance.  What do you want?  What is realistic?  How do you need to work differently?  How do you safeguard what matters most? 

Together, we will look at how mastering our balance can lead to a more fulfilling, successful and happy life, with increased well-being and better performance.  Mel will challenge you to think about balance in a proactive rather than a reactive way.  What action do I need to take?  How can I keep myself accountable?  What outcomes do I want?

This highly interactive session will give you the chance to reflect and share with the group.

About Mel

Mel has dedicated her career to people development and spent twenty-two years in the leadership and team development arena, working with many large global organisations, public sector bodies and SMEs.  She is a professional coach, facilitator, consultant and personal trainer and is passionate about enabling performance and achievement.   Mel loves engaging with people, so they are able to push their own boundaries to succeed to new heights.

In June 2020, Mel launched Thrive over 40 (, a personal development company aimed at helping women over 40 improve their life balance (Better Balance), life direction (My Life, My Way) and health and fitness (My Health Matters).  This has been a dream for many years, and lockdown gave her the opportunity and headspace to make it happen.

She uses her extensive skill set to support women to achieve brilliance.  Mel delivers intimate development programmes aimed at building connection, self-belief and positive action.  She is passionate that women over 40 have a huge amount to offer the world, their communities and themselves.  Mel also believes that mid-life is a time of great re-assessment and reflection when we can ask ourselves, “what do I want?” and “how do I make it happen?


Mel Bligh, Thrive over 40

Telephone: 07981 970479
Email: [email protected]


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I look forward to seeing you there.

York Club Leader
York Women’s Business Club

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