Making Your Office Mental Health Friendly

Working in an office tends to get a lot of flack. We’re not designed to be cooped up all the time, so working in an office 5 days a week and staring at a screen can be quite counter productive. Below, we’ll take a look at how you can make the office more mental health-friendly. You may see if you can implement these things yourself or speak to your boss. They can work for anybody!

Let In Natural Light

Start by simply letting in natural light. Natural light is key for health and wellbeing, and when we’re in an office all day we don’t tend to get enough of it. Open up those blinds, clean the windows, and make sure everybody is getting enough precious vitamin D! 

Bring In Plenty Of Plants

Plants purify the air and can make us happier just by looking at them! Big leafy green plants will bring texture and interest to the office, too. Just make sure somebody is appointed to look after them. Fake plants might look nice, but they won’t have the same mental health benefits. 

Keep It Clean 

A clean office is better in many ways. It’s better for the health of employees regarding allergies and germs, and it just looks better! When the office is clean and looking good, it’s better for both physical and mental health. However, expecting employees to take care of this is unfair. Instead, a cleaner appointed to take care of the cleaning is a must. 

Don’t Underestimate A Little Color

Adding a little color or even a little pattern to the office could be a good idea. White and black can create a very sterile feeling environment, which may not be the nicest place to work. Look at the moods associated with colors and take them into account. 

Personalise Your Space/Desk

Allow people to personalise their spaces and desks. Zentura has an article on office necessities that could help. Pictures of family, stress balls, and other fun items could be nice additions for any employee. 

Add A Relaxation Area

Relaxation areas are a must in offices. You can’t expect people to sit by their screens all day. Here, they can take a break, eat their lunch, and even have a game of pool or ping pong on the Playstation. This sort of thing can reduce stress levels and improve creativity tenfold. 

Consider Nap Pods 

Nap pods could be the ideal addition to an office for employees who suffer from a bit of lethargy midway through the day. This is natural, and a short nap could be just the solution. This is why many office spaces are encouraging their employees to nap. Just 20 minutes could set you up for the rest of the day! 

Allow Pets 

Why not allow pets in the office? They can be a brilliant mood booster and this eliminates the problem of finding pet sitters, which in turn reduces stress for employees and improves the quality of their work!




Photo by Marc Mueller from Pexels

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