Making a Splash and Having Fun at Your First Trade Show

Trade shows and exhibitions are a fantastic branding opportunity for your nascent business. They provide you with an opportunity to forge potentially long lasting relationships with new prospective customers, potential employees and other local businesses. However, when you’re about to attend your first ever trade show it’s not uncommon to feel apprehensive. Nervous, even. How can you be sure that you’ll make the right impression or say and do all of the right things to get people to believe in your brand?


Fear not, however! All you need to do is stick with these useful tips for making a splash and having a great time at your first ever trade show…

Find out who else will be there

Although your focus will primarily be on attracting new prospective customers to your brand and your business, it’s also a great opportunity to get to know and learn from other businesses. It’s also an excellent opportunity to find out which competitors will be there and how you can put all the way in which your business is different (or better) front and centre. Take a look at the attendee list. If nothing else you may notice someone from your latest Women’s Business Club Meetup who you’ll get to chat with and temper your nervousness by seeing a familiar face.

Take great employees with you

Okay, okay, they’re all great. But you know what I mean! Bring someone with you who you feel perfectly embodies the values, ideals and proficiencies with which you want your brand to be associated.

Not only will you be sure that your brand will get the proper representation that it needs and deserves, you’ll also be safe in the knowledge that should you need to leave your booth it will be safe in the hands of someone you trust.

Bring some cool freebies

We all know that a big part of what brings people to trade shows is the cool freebies that they get to pick up. You wouldn’t want to disappoint your fellow attendees now would you? Make sure that you brings some goodie bags (not plastic if possible) filled with cool branded freebies like custom keychains from ThePinFactory, mugs, t-shirts or whatever else you’d like to gift to attendees. Needless to say, the better your freebies cater to the wants and needs of attendees, the better they’ll be received.

If your branded goodies stay in the offices or homes of attendees, yours will be the name they think of when they need your products or services.

Hold a raffle / competition

Giving out little cool things is great. But a fun way to build a positive buzz and excitement around your brand is by giving them the opportunity to win something really cool in a raffle, competition or other giveaway. Consider giving away one of your more prestigious products as well as a fin selection of branded goodies!

And finally… Look after yourself

It’s a big day and you need to be able to be at your peak throughout to properly represent your brand. But you can’t do that if you don’t look after yourself. Make sure that you’re well hydrated, get plenty of sleep, dress smartly but comfortably and always have a snack close to hand.

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