That magic word ‘Clarity’

Wouldn’t it be great to be in flow, to know what you’re doing from one moment to the next, why you’re doing what you’re doing, what you’re helping with and who you’re helping?

Quite a few of us think we have this nailed but it’s likely that if you’re feeling stuck, something isn’t right and you’re not clear, or you don’t want to be clear. More on this in a moment…

I will be writing a series of blogs over the coming weeks and months about clarity and the various ways we need it in order to make progress, feel in flow, and some tips on how to get it.

So today I will be talking about the Power Goal! A Power Goal is the goal that’s your overall mission, the kind of mission that gets you jumping out of bed every morning and keeps you up late at night. The kind of goal that burns deep inside of you for the desire to achieve it. It’s the goal that all other goals feed into. It needs to be BIG, big enough to set your soul on fire! 

If you don’t have your internal sat nav programmed with a destination, how do you know where you’re heading? You need to be clear on the Power Goal as it’s your destination.

You have to believe this goal is possible for you, even if it seems out of reach. Don’t think in terms of how long you have to achieve it, how much money you’ll need or what it might entail at this point – just think BIG… what’s the dream?

When we know where we’re heading we can figure out ‘the how’ and the universe will show us opportunities and clues along the way, almost immediately. The clarity you vibrate on your amazing high vibe vision will radiate from you and because your goal is so juicy, nothing will stop you from achieving it. UNLESS of course, you start to believe it’s not possible for you. 

I believed that my dream of coaching was not for me for years, as I never fully believed I had the ability to do it. My coaching handbook sat on my shelf unread for nearly 10 years before I realised it was my passion, my true life’s purpose and I was only making myself miserable and others around me miserable by not following my path. So I faced up and got over the fear and got myself a coach to coach me as a coach. Dr. Seuss eat your heart out! AND here I am… living my dream! Easy as pie 😉

What have you always wanted to do, what’s the dream? Are you secretly hating your business right now? Do you recoil at the thought of another customer?0 Are you secretly pushing them away energetically?

My amazing accountability partner Amy Box (Box Polish) and I were talking about this today, how in a previous life we would recoil at the request of our services, even though we were actively promoting them! Ridiculous!

See this as a sign that you need to tweak your path… make a change or stay forever unhappy. Yesterday saw the end of my previous business in which I used to recoil; I took down my old biz facebook page and my website… it felt good burning those bridges. I am now in total focus of my Power Goal with nothing to distract me! If by reading this you have come to the realisation that you’ve been playing it small and using your current business or position as a ‘stand in’ for what you really want… then it’s time to face up to it, make a change and start focusing on the true Power Goal that brings you alive.

One of my clients at the moment is letting go of 30 years of industry experience, years of time, money and effort put into courses, and emotional attachment, all to pursue her dream of coaching. Is she sad? Hell no! She’s excited about the future, and that’s all that matters!

Let go of emotional attachment and start creating a life you want, don’t settle for the life you think you ‘should’ have or settle for anything less than the most exciting passionate purpose. The world and you, deserve nothing less than to see you be the best version of yourself.

Jennifer Hall – The Life Buddy

Business Realisation Coach

That magic word, where progress flows!


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