Do you love fashion? Does fashion love you?

How often have you heard friends or colleagues say they love the trends and styles this season but they don’t suit them?

Most women would like to be a curvaceous, balanced size 10 which is just not going to happen. But by being objective about your shape, understanding your proportions and using clothes and colour in the correct style and design everyone can create the illusion of a shapely well balanced figure. This positive image generates self confidence and says you care about yourself!

What is a balanced figure? Shoulders and hips should be the same width and the distance from the top of your head to your groin and from your groin to your ankle should be equal. So first determine what part of the body shape needs to be influenced by colour or style to create the balance.

There are 5 basic body shapes:

APPLE TOP and bottom heavy. Don’t wear oversized or without shape. Try to introduce waist, empire waist, single button jacket, belt at waist. Avoid high necklines.

PEAR BOTTOM HEAVY, brighter colours or details up top. Darker colours , plainer at bottom.Consider necklaces, interest at neckline. Bare arms/strapless acceptable. Avoid side pockets or detail at thighs/hips.

INVERTED TRIANGLE Top heavy, broad shoulders. Avoid ruffles. And bright coloured tops. Avoid no sleeves or spaghetti straps. Consider bottom with more shape (vs skinny jeans). Flared skirts, skirt with movement (but not too short).

COLUMN OR RECTANGLE Slim with no curves. Shirts with belt or waist defining element. Consider patterns that give illusion of shape. Consider pleats or fabric with shape. Comfortable, not too tight or baggy.

Recognising and accepting your body shape is the first step in creating a positive image that says you care about yourself and in turn this makes you feel confident. Having taken this first step, there are a few more simple actions that will help in your journey to always looking and feeling your best!

Written by Jane Dare

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